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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Handheld Readers

Handheld selection is crucial to successful Tagging, experience has shown that choosing a suitable handheld solution goes hand in hand with a suitable tag selection.

handheld, transition point and overhead readers

They both contribute equally to successful reading.

From our industry experience, we have often seen Tag suppliers, blame poor results on the readers and vice versa, the reader manufactures blaming - the Tags for the lack of performance?

Our impartial and expert evaluation, could prove invaluable in finding a way forward when facing such cases?

The triangle shows the required equilateral effect resulting in optimum capture. We can offer support obtaining this balance, with your current equipment. When the time comes for scheduled replacement, we will be able to demonstrate through data a comparison to our unique optimised reader.

If you are currently servicing or thinking of taking up supply of eSales from store, then we seriously recommend you take a look at our unique Search and Find offering.

Save time and keeps Employees Safe.

Transition Point Readers

Our experience through our involvement in independently testing all vendor offerings- and using creative and innovative software implementations to achieve the optimum performance to suit a given deployment. Most can demonstrate a single installation, however, when more readers are introduced the results fail to scale and severe drop in performance is experienced.

Our knowledge of what is best from the rest and how to handle multi reader environments and controlling power is unsurpassed in the industry.

Achieving less than 99.6% read accuracy will cost you thousands of over the years, and we help you achieve this metric and work with you to ensure that this level of performance, is maintained.

Overhead Readers

Having devised a fair test script procedure, we have tested offerings for over 11 vendors, result was capture accuracy ranging from 65% to 99.9%.

The result enabled to manage converting a whole Store, solving one of the biggest issues with Rfid that of interference between readers. The store in total has over 180 readers in operation over two floors, covering areas such as fitting rooms, stock rooms, backstage, returns and delivery.

This enabled, the tracking of a single item of merchandise from stock to sales floor and onwards on its journey through fitting room, sales counter and shop exist.

It was also possible to see tracking data for merchandise that has gone through the fitting room and exit and never made it to the sales counter. Linked to cameras this becomes a powerful tool in identifying theft.

This data allowed, critical inaccuracies to be identified, whereby if say a single garment leaving the store without being sold could still be replaced from back room stock.

This timely replenishment often resulted in same day sale which would have been missed.

Whilst this exercise was costly for such a large-scale deployment: the lessons learnt - were invaluable giving us expert understanding of scalable solutions, both practically and their individual ROI’s.

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Artemis ITLS Limited, is founded from 35-years of un-paralleled expert knowledge and innovative design in the fields of high-speed manufacturing and item level passive tagging within: Industrial, Logistics and Retail Store (total end to end solutions) environments.

Our strength stems from combining our extensive design know-how with our industrial experience.

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