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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technical Support Tagging

In the early days, - before standards were available, our work consisted in establishing quality control measures and workflows to help high volume production. We helped suppliers to introduce stringent Quality Assurance protocols and controlling the effects of Static Electricity within production.

An RFID Tag goes through different phases from its production process, transportation and application onto a variety merchandise. The largest challenge was that of ensuring that RFID tag was optimised to meet these different requirements, later leading to Standards being created: ensuring interoperability and consistency throughout the supply chain industry.

These standards gave a minimum performance threshold that should be met allowing a variety of tags to be produced with varying performance metrics.

In the past 12 years, we have been advising a well-known retailer, collaborating closely with their chosen tag suppliers and advised at leveraging the collective experience into providing the best in class tags to suit their requirements in Store and throughout the Supply Chain. Resulting in further savings, as to no change in their operations or displayed on shelves and rails.

Already Tagged

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We can support your business though our unique understanding of tagging, giving advice on possible improvements, working with your supplier with the sole aim of enhancing performance and opening up new possibilities for making the most out of your investment.

We strive to ensure that you are satisfied with your investment in tagging and the ROI is tangible.

This is an ongoing commitment and that will need revisiting to ensure sustainable value, we will be with you to advise on the best capture techniques to get reliable data.

REMEMBER: the larger your organisation is the longer it will take to correct any Tagging issues, especially when the merchandise is tagged at source. In 90 % of cases, you will only experience the effect when stock is in stores, which is often too late!

Just Starting Out

In this case, we will provide you with impartial advice as to how to “hit the ground running” fully de-risking the investment and ensuring that you achieve the best possible outcome. Our effort and advice include working with your IT department or stock management software provider to deliver a solution, whether they have prior experience with Rfid systems or just starting their first project.

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Artemis ITLS Limited, is founded from 35-years of un-paralleled expert knowledge and innovative design in the fields of high-speed manufacturing and item level passive tagging within: Industrial, Logistics and Retail Store (total end to end solutions) environments.

Our strength stems from combining our extensive design know-how with our industrial experience.

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